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If you have been named executor, administrator or personal representative of the estate of a loved one, you may be experiencing a significant amount of anxiety and uncertainty about the process. You want an experienced lawyer, one who understands all the steps involved in settling an estate and can help you identify and deal with issues before they become serious problems.

At the office of Rodney Durrance, Jr., Attorney at Law, I bring almost 40 years of experience to clients throughout Polk County and Hillsborough County. I have an extensive knowledge of the laws and procedures governing the probate process in Florida and can help you ensure the orderly distribution of the assets of a friend or family member. I know that legal issues can have an emotional impact and provide compassionate representation that is forceful when necessary to protect your interests. Contact my office to schedule an initial consultation.

I work with clients at all stages of the probate process, from the certification of a will as valid to the final distribution of assets and the closing of the estate. I handle all matters involved in successfully taking a will through the probate process or applying the laws of intestacy, if the decedent died without a will.

I can help you compile an inventory of the assets of the estate, so that you account for all property of the deceased. If some assets are of uncertain value, I can help you find professionals who will accurately appraise their value. When it comes time to fulfill the obligations of the will, I will make certain that all final debts and tax obligations are satisfied, and that all property is distributed in accordance with the terms of the will.

Contact or call 863-594-2092 a lawyer with extensive experience in probate and estate administration. My office is open Monday through Friday, from 9 am until 5 pm, and Tuesday evenings by appointment.

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